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Childbirth is a miracle shared by hundreds of millions of women every year around the world. And deprived to millions more – millions who desperately want to have a child. IVF was designed to give those struggling to conceive the chance to have their own, little miracle. The number of IVF patients is increasing rapidly year by year. Unfortunately, IVF success rates are not. Foveo Fertility aims to optimize the chance of each egg cell to create life. We’re developing a much needed breakthrough in the oocyte retrieval and selection process. Our technology ensures egg cells are kept at a physiological temperature at all times, whilst bringing a workflow improvement to the IVF lab too.
Oocyte quality, influenced by temperature fluctuations, is an important factor affecting successful IVF. Multiple studies have demonstrated that a drop in temperature can cause irreversible disruption in the quality of the retrieved oocytes. Even after rewarming, oocytes only recover either partially or not at all. In the current method, oocytes are exposed to air, resulting in evaporation and subsequent cooling. IVF guidelines stress the importance of temperature control but current practices do not succeed in overcoming temperature fluctuations.
Foveo Fertility develops a breakthrough device to overcome temperature fluctuations. In collaboration with embryologists, clinicians and design engineers we have successfully designed a lab prototype. It consists of a pump and a chamber connected to a suction needle for transvaginal oocyte collection. The chamber holds the collected eggs while the pump maintains a constant medium flow. The device ensures follicle fluid is not in contact with air during oocyte collection and physiological temperatures are maintained. The outcomes of animal studies and small human trial (n=15 patients, 119 oocytes) performed show promising potential. Please contact us to learn more.

Foveo Fertility is on a global mission to optimize eggcell quality and IVF workflow. We are based in the UK, led by an international team, supported by NLC | The European Healthtech Venture builder and creating partnerships around the world.

Our next steps include a clinical trial to demonstrate the effects on fertilization rates and embryo utilization. Furthermore, we will collaborate with IVF lab professionals and design engineers to fully capitalize on the potential of our device in enhancing workflow.

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At Foveo Fertility we strongly believe in collaboration and welcome anybody who wants to add to advancing fertility solutions to reach out. Whether you have a question, an offer or just want to share your interest, do not hesitate to reach out.